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infomed online : Infomed Drug Guide | Rote Liste | Quackwatch [Stephen Barrett]

Botanik online - The Internet Hypertextbook
Multimedia Physik (Uni Würzburg)

Lichtenberg Patterns [Dance of Chance exhibit]
Frozen Lightning [Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate]

Homeopathy and Its Kindred Delusions (by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1842)

Hypericum: Johanniskraut [at] | St. John's What? [TIME] | St. John's Wort [Quackwatch]   ---   everything you never wanted to know about NYLON, and more ...   ---   make sure to check out the Nylon Excitement Centre   ---   for adventurous adults ONLY !



The Mouse

... when mice were still real mice ...

What are these animals doing ??!

The WDR Maus is sooo coool, do you remember ?
-- make sure to check out the Sachgeschichten Index,
or visit, one of my favorites, the Bleistift !



Linda Hesh | She She Pop

Kunstmuseum Heidenheim | Christo & Jeanne Claude's Wrapped Reichstag project: Archive (hourly digital images)

t h e . o f f i c i a l . u n o f f i c i a l . c h i c K s . o n . s p e e d . s i t e . (or something) | unidentified track from Chicks On Speed Will Save Us All (or something) (1 min) | Euro Trash Girl (30 s)

Luci van Org



Project Gutenberg     Osiandersche Buchhandlung     Kramerbooks & Afterwords     Politics and Prose

Heraclitus [Presocratic Philosophers web site]
Heraclitus of Ephesus: Fragments [EXPLORING PLATO'S DIALOGUES -- A Virtual Learning Environment on the World-Wide Web]
The Fragments of Heraclitus [dto.]

The Holy Bible, King James Version | Prediger Salomo: Version 1 | Version 2

Which Ten Commandments? []

Scientific Writing [uchicago]


L a n g u a g e

United Kingdom English for the American Novice [6th ed., July 1983]
The American Language -- An Inquiry into the Development of English in the United States (H. L. Mencken) -- more "contemporary and classic reference works" @

Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftkapitän (redundant link to Mark Twain, cf. below)

The German Language in America -- this is Lesson 4 in: Syllabus for German Immigrant Culture in America;
@ the IUPUI Max Kade German-American Center
The Awful German Language (by Mark Twain) -- this page has some links, while this ...
The Awful German Language (by Mark Twain) ... has a very nice picture of a Complete Word ... :-))

German Words in the American Language -- this is Appendix D of a teaching resource from Kade (cf. above)
Robb: -- somewhat over-designed, and with absolutely annoying, but still a nice resource ...

Street German -- a real resource on Curses & Expressions, Sex, and more <!-- here today, gone tomorrow -->

American Dialect Society -- Links, References, Words of the Year, and much more
German Dialects -- Links, links, links [Univerity of South Florida]
German Dialects -- @
Deutsche Dialekte -- Uni Frankfurt, w/ a nice map
Swabian into English | Laugebrezl Forum | Äffle ond Pferdle em Netz

The Alternative Alemannic Dictionary

Word Play -- Links <!-- here today, gone tomorrow -->



[ Johann Georg Elser: Hitler’s Would-Be Assassin ] by Joachim Paech <!-- here today, gone tomorrow -->
Stoltzfus on Fest: Plotting Hitler's Death -- The Story of The German Resistance -- Review Essay
The LAOLA Homepage links to a short Elser bio (in english & german)
"Conspiracy Center" -- you know when you're in design hell... , but still: Many photos, articles, documents, maps, etc. -- go to The Lone Assassin

Virtual Library: History: German History (Index); for the revolutions of 1848/49 go to 19th Century [WWW Virtual Library's History Index Network]
Encyclopedia of 1848 Revolutions [Ohio University]

History of Baden-Württemberg -- nice maps & pictures and so; originally from a book published by Ernst Klett, Stuttgart



'Our country right or wrong.  When right, to be kept right;  when wrong, to be put right'  --  Carl Schurz

Electronic Frontier Foundation | American Civil Liberties Union | Taxation Without Representation | Public Citizen



Mount Ipf | Ipf (Felix Sutschek M.A.) | Riesexkursion [ZERIN] | Waldkirch | Châteauneuf du Pape

Eclipse '99 [ESO] | Eclipse '99 []



Madonna Videos: Justify My Love : Human Nature
Web-Essay (Networked Writing Environment, U FLorida) | [...more...]

Irma Vep

Gillian Anderson [yahoo]
Scully?: A discussion of the photographic journey of Gillian Anderson
Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE)
The Gillian Anderson Picture Vault

John's Nautical & Boatbuilding Page


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