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IPRP @ raiNeT,  raiNeT @ IPRP,  the real ??


Mission Statement's mission is to question your most fundamental theories on Life, the Universe, and Everything, and to make fun of all the things that are done under the sun, in other words, has no mission what-so-ever.

In contrast, IPRP has no mission either, it is simply the world's leading Irradiated Polymers Resources Page, maintained by one of the world's leading experts in this area... .

Well, err, on second thought, IPRP actually does have a covert long-term mission, namely to annoy some of these B I G  G U Y S out there who think they know so much... .

In any case, IPRP is, of course, pronounced 'ip-rap'. Any similarities with IMRP ['im-rap'] are purely co-incidental, though not entirely unwelcome ... [smile] ... and the motto of IPRP is:

S h a r e  &  E n j o y !

or, at least,  S h a r e !


... and the motto of is, of course:

C e l e b r a t e  &  D i s c o v e r  !



Privacy Policy

At we C.A.R.E., and among the various things we care to care about is PRIVACY -- ours and yours !  (BTW, here are EFF's Top 12 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy).  We don't care about your computer's IP address, the domain from which you access the Internet, the address of the Website, if any, from which you came to this site, the date and time you arrived and how long you spent on the site, the name and version of your computer's operating system and browser, or which pages you visited.  In fact, we don't monitor these, and we don't even care whether somebody reads these pages or not.  However, if you do, we would  l o v e  to get your feed-back, please send us your questions, comments, or complaints !  For the time being, we have not 'marked up' the e-mail address, so please use your programs' copy- and paste functions... .



The History of A Merger

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Design and Accessibility has always been strongly pro-universal access, if only because we hate all things Microsoft, because our historic Mac Classic is still working, or because of those fond memories of probing the web with lynx, back then, in the olden days... .

However, as the world's leading Irradiated Polymers Resources Page we felt we needed a somewhat spiffier 'front-end' / user-interface / corporate-identity-thingy, i. e., our index.html page.  If you experience any problems with the iprp.html page, please e-mail us !  We do not accept any complaints, however, about the more experimental pages, as they are solely for our own pleasure... .

We love empty rooms, white pages, and unpretentious layouts (cf. our 'historic' Personal Page-draft), and this has only be re-inforced when we recently came across the pages of Eric Steven Raymond (cf. The HTML Hell Page) and Jutta Degener, whose texts it is a pleasure to read -- even if we probably understand less than 50% of what they are trying to say... ;-)  In any case, web design is one of the things we care to care about, while trying to be not too dogmatic about what is 'good'... .

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Theories about is an obscure multi-layered insider joke, a virtual impossibility, a striving after wind, a transient energy fluctuation in a virtual vacuum, a time-sink, yet another link-page, a nuisance, a very personal recherche du temps perdu, a (virtual) black hole, a pair of mirrors reflecting each other, ...

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The Campaign for the Real

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