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Another Chaotic Collection

Tracey Moffatt

Art from Yale (University Press)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Fashion Institute of Technology

Fly Fishing: Bruno's Page (with apostroph, of course)


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JAVASCRIPT - Basic Scripting Techniques (by Angus Davis)

E-Texts: The Proof of the E-Text is in the Reading (Project Gutenberg)

Der Tip des Monats  C H E M I E . . .

Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem
Abgewickelt und weggeworfen – Orangenpapiere
OPIUM - DasOrangenpapiermuseum
Arance di Sicilia
Blood orange, Italian style (by David Karp)
When Oranges Are Not Orange ...the blood orange is just one of a huge variety of exquisite foods that Jehovah's creative acts made possible for man's delight. Thus, for any who appreciate divine generosity, even the "fruit trees . . . praise the name of Jehovah."-Psalm 148:9, 13; Genesis 1:29.  Awake !

Our American Heroine Amy Goodman
Support Democracy Now ! (Jan. 16, 2002)
The Annotated Interview with President Clinton (archive page, RealAudio file)
Democracy Now Exclusive Interview With President Bill Clinton (archive page, RealAudio file) [go to 51:00]
Goodman and the President butt heads in impromptu interview (Nov. 13, 2000)
Saving Amy: The Exception To The Rulers (by Danny Schechter, Oct. 27, 2000)
Amy at (East Timor Action Network)
Tenaciousness and hope on FM: Amy Goodman's Democracy Now ! (Nov. 17, 1997)

Our German Heroine Felicitas Hoppe
on Enrique Vila-Matas's Bartleby & Co. (DER SPIEGEL 49/2001, 03. Dezember 2001)

The Songs of Shirley Bassey: History Repeating (by Alex Gifford)
Propellerheads  (at
Propellerheads  (at


Bitch (.wav)


Blue Glow (at Purdue University),  Cobalt-60 gamma-ray source with pale blue Cherenkov radiation (at the Japan Radioisotope Association)

German Imperial & Federal Eagles at Gymnasium Laurentianum Warendorf

Audio Archive at the DHM's LeMO

Triumph of the Will  (script of the notorious Leni Riefenstahl film)

Alt om Adolf Hitlers liv (Danish)

Our German-American Hero Wernher von Braun
"Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down?
That's not my department," says Wernher von Braun.
 (cf. Tom Lehrer Lyrics)
Wernher von Braun (at Chemistry, University College London)
My favorite LP with Wernher von Braun
Biographical sketch (at NASA)
Another series of pages (at NASA)
"Castles in the Air" (.wav),  "Dancin'"(.wav)

News from Online: The Power of the Voice (by Carolyn Sweeney Judd)
WebElements [cool]: Hydrogen (audio),  Mercury (audio)

Our German-American-Jewish Hero and Pop-Cultural Icon Albert Einstein
Einstein Links at the Open Directory Project
Einstein Audio (at the 'Image and Impact' Exhibition, Center for History of Physics, American Institute of Physics)
Physics Today's Web Watch (July 97)

It'll Never Work ! (a collection by Donald Simanek, check out his Skeptical Documents and Links)

The Official Truth (by Bill Beaty)

Einstein's Equation and Twistor Theory: Recent Developments (by Roger Penrose, ITP & Oxford University)


flax plaits
Plant Fiber Materials  (Biology, University of Maryland)
Flax Spinning  (by Ercadh béan úi Padraic; Ealdormere, Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA))
A Brief Introduction to Flax Processing  (by Elizabeth Rump)
The Birthplace of Lace  (by Wim J. Lauriks)
Vom Flachs zum Leinen  (Grundschule Stahringen, BW)
Flachswickel-Rezept  (Was die Großmutter noch wußte)


Fashion Addicts

Helmut Lang Ready-to-Wear Collections ( Fall 2000, Spring 2001, Spring 2002
Spring 2001 New York Review  (
H. L. Spring 2001 (
New York Spring 2001 (; video-link ?)  (nice page designs at the archive pages)
lucire  ('the global fashion magazine')
Fashion Windows

Rhein-Zeitung  Di 09.10.2001


Somewhere in the South-West
Urweltmuseum Aalen:  Nattheimer Koralle
Luftmessnetz Baden-Württemberg
Emmendinger Hütte

Virtual Berlin
Botschaft  (at Verlag der Kunst !!)
Net4 Berlin City Guide
Roter Salon

Why America must stop the war now  by Arundhati Roy, The Guardian, 23 October 23 2001)

telepolis magazin der netzkultur

Volksbühne Berlin

Delicious Doughnuts In Berlin: The Dilemma Of Political Community In the Age of Global Capitalism  (by John Brady, Bad Subjects, Issue # 25, March 1996)

Die Klavierspielerin  (br-online),  dto.  (rowohlt),  dto.  (Spiegel),  dto.  (rhein-zeitung magazin)

Cam-Links  (ZIV, TU Darmstadt)
Wasserstraßenkreuz Magdeburg (webcam)
Tower Aalen Elchingen,  dto.
Ulm (Stadtwerke, Netscape only)



Gewäsch des Monats Spiegel, 11.10.2001 (Susan Sontag, Eckhard Henscheid, Klavierspielerin etc.)

arte tv  francais  deutsch


Wetterbilder Schweiz
Schopfheim Webcam-Links
Freiburg,   Freiburg
ULM Europe  hmmm...


IntellNet  the intelligence network (Open Source Intelligence)

Indian Head MD,  detail  (

Loren Jenkins on Osama bin Laden  ( | Aug. 27, 1998)

Conspiracy theories...

South Dakota Historical Collections  (South Dakota State Historical Society)
Cantonment Missouri, 1820
The Sacagawea Mystique: Her Age, Name, Role and Final Destiny  (by Irving W. Anderson)
Friederich Paul Wilhelm in Montana  (Jackson Hole, WY)

United States Maps  (Maps Home / Perry-Castañeda Library / utexas)
United States 1999  (map, jpg)

We stand by you
Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier  (from Russian Studies - 2001 / by Brooks Green, UCA)
St. Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, guards in front of Lenin's Tomb
Changing of the Guard / Lenin's Tomb / dto.

Neue Wache. Berlin, Hauptstadt der DDR,
Neue Wache. Berlin, Hauptstadt der DDR. ,  at  Die DDR im WWW

Che Guevara  (if you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine)

Link to the Berlin Airlift Veterans Association web site

Clinton Liberates Berlin  Behind the scenes at the president’s Berlin speech, by Simon Bone, 16 July 1994

Anthrax Map D.C.  (Wash. Post)

Was hat Deutsch mit Latein zu tun?  (Sebestyen Kiss)

Sneezing "Some Catholics attribute to St. Gregory the use of the benediction 'God bless you,' after sneezing..."[The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable]

Lewis and Clark Expedition Web Cam Site

Project Gutenberg
Mar 1998 First Across the Continent, by Noah Brooks        []1236
Mar 1998 Lewis and Clark 1st Across the Continent by Brooks[]1236

ssh and scp

Henryk Nolewajka: media highway

Caerdroia  an annual journal for the study of mazes and labyrinths

Neologisms in Journalistic Text  (RDUES - The Research and Development Unit for English Studies, Department of English Language and Literature, University of Liverpool)


Welcome To The Naked Mole-Rat Burrow at the National Zoo
The Mysterious Naked Mole-RatCam
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