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More Beautiful Pages (and People)


Indo-European Word Roots & Other Things

Elementymology: Iron
Take Our Word For It
Linguists Debating Deepest Roots of Language
Some References on Indo-European, Nostratic, and related subjects
Indo-European Roots (at xrefer)
Indo-European Languages (at xrefer)
Wilton's Word & Phrase Origins
E. L. Easton English Etymology
Online Etymology Dictionary
The Straight Dope
How to Swear in German !
The Tower of Babel


Beautiful Pages

Hyperraumsprungtor - What can we say ?  Decidedly  c o o l.

solarmove - / - Hej, Norman, this  l o o k s  nice,  b u t ...

Hebrew articles and translated stories of monsters and marvels, ingenuity and folly. Marco Polo, Damon Runyon, Edgar Wallace and Alexander Romance.


It's a verb.  It's a noun.  It's a magazine.  Bitch.

the f-word   Young UK Feminism Confessions of a Failed Fashionista & other nice stuff

NEWTON BBS, an electronic bulletin board system of the Argonne National Laboratory (etc.)

National Gallery of Art: Film Programs, (Marlene)

Historischer Stadtspaziergang mit Sagen und Geschichten aus Heidenheim

Zweitausendeins, Taschen, Wolford

Webcams Ba-Wü

20-th Century American Heroine Lara Croft
A postmodern feminist analysis of Lara Croft (in a nutshell)
Does Lara Croft Ware Fake Polygons: Gender Analysis of the "1st Person shooter/adventure game with female heroine" ...
Lara / Angelina w/ U.S. Flag,  as cover girl on The Face,  w/ red dress
Tell Lara we love her by Stuart Ckarke, Sydney Morning Herald
The SMH about Aimee Deep, aimster, etc.
Lara in Motion


Angela berlin

Eisdieler,  (four shots, by Oliver Söhlke)


TimeOut Berlin (go to Shopping & Services, Fashion)

Photo Essay

Lisa D.

Wee Flowers

Monsieur Vuong Indochina CafÈ


Helmut Lang

One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day - save the Planet !

Washington as It Was: Photographs by Theodor Horydczak, 1923-1959 (

Gas Chromatography Theory & Practice Prof. Carlos Lopez, Universidad de Antioquia - Medellín - Colombia


Wind Power

The "Turbo", an old fashioned looking turbine design...

Wind Generator / Free Electronic Nation

The Green Windmill (vertical axis; "bringing the art of sailing to land"quot;)

Micro Savonius rotor (by Lance Turner)

Guided Tour on Wind Energy (that's just great, these Danes... !)


RealDC "the city behind the money, the monuments & the magalomania"

Dollar-Euro (graph)

Some Materials on English Renaissance Jest Books (by Linda Woodbridge)

The Content of Proverbs (Archer Taylor)

Wir sind die Maus !

Physikalisches Spielzeug und verwandte Themen im WWW

Photographs of the American West 1861-1912 (

Women of the West Museum

The American West As Portrayed in Modern Media and Music (WWW-VL, Lynn H. Nelson University of Kansas)

NASA Pictures, Photographs and Images
Apollo 11 Mission Photography (NASA)
Apollo 11 Hasselblad Cameras (NASA)

Yehudit Ravitz,  dto.

Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence...

MYTH*ING LINKS (Kathleen Jenks):  Medusa et al.

Perseus at -- a bit chaotic (and abandoned?), but  j u s t  great; scroll down to the links at the bottom of the page [Not a Medieval Woodcut...]  or go to .


re: U.S. Presidential Election 2000, w/ thanks to Stephan

On my arrival in the United States I was surprised to find so much distinguished talent among the subjects, and so little among the heads of the Government. It is a well-authenticated fact, that at the present day the most able men in the United States are very rarely placed at the head of affairs; [...] The race of American statesmen has evidently dwindled most remarkably in the course of the last fifty years.

Alexis de Toqueville, Democracy In America, Volume 1, Ch. XIII, 1835.



Cerenkov Radiation (The "blue glow")
"it is actually mostly in the ultraviolet region"
Cerenkov Radiation University of Missouri-Rolla Reactor
Atmospheric Cherenkov light MPI Heidelberg
Air shower Cherenkov light simulations dto.
Usenet Physics FAQ
Is there an equivalent of the sonic boom for light?
Cerenkov Radiation
The Reed Institute Mark I Triga at 240kW Reed College, Portland, Oregon


Subject: links

Die Elternkatastrophe (ZEIT, 18/2001)
Dictionaries of Slang

Die Mauer: Mauerbau (DHM, LeMO)
Die Mauer: Kennedy-Besuch
Ish bin ain Bearleener John F. Kennedy speech notes from Berlin (NARA)

Berlin and Berlin Wall Photographs (
Berlin Wall (
Berlin and Berlin Wall pictures Cris de Witt (U.K.)
The Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989 (Photos by frederik)

Bizarre control panel -- a museum of classic home science experiments, mainly from the 1930's-1960's

FRDC (Where Louise works)



Perseus and Andromeda in Myth (Mythography)
Perseus and Andromeda ca. 1819; Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (Detroit Institute of Arts)
Perseus and Andromeda Charles-Antoine Coypel, French Painter (1694-1752)
Andromeda Workshop of Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish, about 1640s (The Getty)
Art Lecture IV: Perseus in Art University of Vermont, Classics Department
Windows to the Universe University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Cepheus at
Perseus and Andromeda Tigertail Virtual Museum
Perseus and Andromeda Giuseppe Cesari, Il Cavaliere d'Arpino (
Andromeda Search Result at Web Gallery of Art
The Rewriting of Sexual History (Herstory deconstructed, by Henry Salivator)



Communication Theory and Analysis Athabasca University o je
PNG - Portable Network Graphics
Open SSH
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C
Cluster Headache (
Guide to DC (UGeorgetown/Physics)
Getting Around D.C. (NASA; w/ links)
WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law (see: volatiles)

Polymers etc.

Poly(ethylene terepthalate) (Macrogalleria)
UMR's Polymer Educational Hypertext, new site: Polymer Chemistry Hypertext
Solubility Parameters: Theory and Application John Burke, The Oakland Museum of California
Solubility Parameters on the Internet Allan Barton, Murdoch University
Semi-quantitative approach for "normal" polymers
Polymer Chemistry: The Glass Transition
Evaluating Environmental Stress Cracking of Medical Plastics by Eric J. Moskala and Melanie Jones (at
Medical Applications of Polycarbonate by Douglas G. Powell (at
Characterization of copolymers by gradient polymer elution chromatography [pdf, 2.2 MB] by Paul J.C.H. Cools, Proefschrift, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 1999.
FDA Consumer (the official magazine of the Food and Drug Administration)
Bibliografia UHMWPE
Lisa Pruitt Publications

Evil Corporations

Varian / Chrompack
Alltech Technical Library
EM Science (EM Industries / Merck)
J&W Scientific / Agilent
VWR International


Olde Stuff

The Munich Reef Group Research on Jurassic, Palaeozoic and Modern Reefs

Nattheim sample, 11 kb

Volkssternwarte & Planetarium Laupheim
Schwäbischen Sternwarte e.V. Stuttgart
Archenhold Sternwarte

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