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Essential American English for Visiting Scientists



Ol' Miss Lib



If English is your second language, you will inevitably find yourself in situations where you are at a loss of words. has compiled these extremely useful expressions that may help you get your point accross.


How to comment on your host's / supervisor's great ideas, suggestions, research proposals, etc.:

That's a nobrainer --  nonsense --  rubbish --  shit --  bullshit --  trash --  junk --  crap --  a damned lie --  damned lies and statistics --  garbage --  cow manure


He / she doesn't get it ?  Don't be afraid to get personal, we're sooo relaxed here... 

bitch --  sucker --  sweetie --  hillbilly --  idiot --  imbecile --  stupid --  fool --  asshole --  liberal --  kraut --  Berliner --  liar --  moron --  son of a bitch --  cunt --  faggot --  slut --  honey --  sweetheart --  nigger --  cretin --  jerk --  schlock


He / she still doesn't get it ?  Try your German, we're sooo cosmopolitan here...

Du Scheisskerl --  Wichser --  Schlampe --  Miststück --  Verpiss Dich --  Scheisse --  Leck mich am Arsch


Finally, head out for a coffee, ice cream, cigarette, or something, not without uttering:

damn --  goddamned --  or simply: fuck

...or, simply, click your heels together, raise your right arm (as if you'd hail a cab), and shout:

Jawohl, Herr Kommandant !

Hail Hynkel !


We sincerely hope you are enjoying your stay !!




Photo of Miss Lib from the NPS, American English sounds from Merriam-Webster, German sounds from How to Swear in German! [gone], others from Hogan's Heroes Sound Page - English [gone], and [gone].

You may want to have a look at The Alternative German Dictionary (with no sounds, we're afraid... ). | american.english [e-mail:]